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Russian Defense Ministry Making Plans To Counter U.S. Drones Flying Over Black Sea

The Russian military must be getting irritated about the U.S. reconnaissance drones flying over the Black Sea providing intelligence information that facilitates Ukrainian operations against Crimea and southern Russia. “The Russian Defense Ministry noted the increased intensity of U.S. strategic unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea waters, which are conducting reconnaissance and targeting high-precision weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Western states to launch strikes at Russian facilities,” the ministry said in a statement posted this morning on its Telegram channel. “This demonstrates the increasing involvement of the United States and NATO countries in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Kiev regime.”

“Such flights increase the possibility of air incidents involving the Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft, increasing the risk of a direct confrontation between the alliance and the Russian Federation,” the statement warns. “The NATO countries will be responsible for this.”

Therefore, “The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov has instructed the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces to make proposals on measures for rapid response to provocations.”

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