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The Fake ‘Peace’ Summit Farce in Bürgenstock

No final agreement or even a “declaration” is expected at the June 15- 16 “Summit for Peace in Ukraine” now underway in Switzerland. The host, Swiss President Viola Amherd complained that they can’t even reach a “common understanding” of the issues. Out of desperation to show a façade of some global unity, some diplomats are hoping to produce a non-binding “text” that delegates could take home, with the understanding that they would not reject it until they reach their home countries, according to SWI

The claim to the media is that there are more than 100 countries represented, with about half headed by top government leaders. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the meeting today, pumping his 10-point peace plan from late 2022. He said that countries attending are to take it home and get approval, then it will be presented to Russia, after which he called for a “second peace summit,” to end the war.

Preliminary reports say that only 3 of Zelenskyy’s 10 points are live for discussion, the others being too glaringly one-sided. They are nuclear power safety, prisoner of war exchanges, and global food security, and Black Sea shipments of fertilizer and agriculture commodities.

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