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Cameroon Energy Expert Slams Green Policies the West Is Trying to Foist on Africa

In an interview with Sputnik, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, exposed the West for imposing deadly so-called Green policies against nations in Africa.

“Nobody wants to breathe clean air in the dark,” Nj Ayuk told Sputnik in St. Petersburg on June 5 on the sidelines of the SPIEF conference that he was also addressing. Accusing Western establishments of hypocrisy, he said: “The Western countries have used oil, natural gas or fossil fuels to power the economy. They’ve built industries. They’ve driven human flourishing. They have made themselves really, really wealthy. We don’t think they have any right to tell Africans to leave their oil and gas in the ground.”

“You cannot tell a child in Mozambique, Namibia, or Sierra Leone that they do not have the right to have a decent form of life because they are black, or African,” Ayuk said. “Africans deserve to use fossil fuels to grow our economies, drive up industrialization.”

Ayuk denounced anti-Russian sanctions for hurting African nations’ sovereign rights and ability to exploit their hydrocarbons, decrying the fact that Africa now, ‘'can’t even get the technologies we want from Russia. We can’t get some of the finances that could come out of Russia. We cannot get some of the technical skills and know-how because Russia has done very well with natural gas,” he said. “But if we stop getting that, then it affects us, our own humanity, and our own development as well.”

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