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Trump’s Concern Is Real Threat of ‘Obliteration’ from ‘These Maniacs with Nuclear Weapons’

Trump on Fox & Friends said yesterday nuclear war is a more immediate threat than Biden’s climate change. President Joe Biden’s recent speech, in which he said that global warming posed the “greatest existential threat to our country,” was the occasion of a standard Trump response: “They say that the sea levels will rise over the next 400 years by one-eighth of an inch, which means basically we have a little more [sic] beachfront property. This is the big threat.”

However, he proceeded to add: “In the meantime, we got these maniacs with nuclear weapons that can do damage which I won’t even talk to you about. There has never been anything like it, the power of weaponry today. It will be obliteration. And that’s your real threat.”

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