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Türkiye's Foreign Minister Warned against Risk of Global War

The failure to end the wars in Ukraine and against Gaza furthers the risk of global and regional war, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan warned.

“There is a risk of spreading the war [between Russia and Ukraine] as well as the use of weapons of mass destruction. It’s been two-and-a-half years, and this war must end. Our region needs peace and comfort,” Fidan told a joint press conference with visiting Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky on June 25 in Ankara.

While pledging Türkiye’s support for Ukrainian territorial integrity, Fidan said: “However, this war is growing beyond Russia and Ukraine. The hot war may be spread to other territories, but global risks are growing. There is a deeper division in the world…. Russia is building its own alliance and the Western alliance is taking a new shape due to this war…. After two-and-half years in the war... a ceasefire and start of peace talks would be useful.”

Referring to the war in Gaza, Fidan said: “Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza is continuing. Israel is committing a new war crime every other day.” He called for the recognition of Palestine as a state by all the members of the international community.

“Türkiye will never be silent against the Israeli efforts to occupy and steal Palestine lands. We will use all the diplomatic means in every platform,” he stated.