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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Insists, the Tasks Ahead of Us Are Very Clear, and Utterly Urgent

U.S. National Call with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Monday, June 3, 2024

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I think we have to really escalate our mobilization, because as of now we are step by step by step, inching closer to the point of no return, primarily because the powers that be are determined not to allow the rise of anything different than their control of the world; and secondly, because there is such an amount of lying in the official statements, that you have to assume that what is being said is not true, in line with what Pompeo had once declared as the art of “lying, cheating, and stealing” which they teach courses on at CIA. So maybe various heads of state participated in these courses as well.

In any case, I think what we did with, first, our instant response to the attack on the radar early warning system already on May 22-23, we had put out an EIR/Schiller press release, and then we followed it up with the IPC meeting on Friday, May 31, where several of those who had made a statement spoke. And we got out that video, and I think it is clearly showing results already, because now, about 9 or so days since that attack, various people have come out, probably stirred and triggered by what we had put out.

But that is not enough: We need to escalate that, because I tend to agree with this British journalist/analyst John Helmer, who quotes a U.S. military observer, saying: ““And so I think there’s going to be a nuclear war. The people who run things in the West have made up their minds that if they can’t rule, there will be nothing to rule. I guess we must figure now whether British and Ukrainian madness will prevail over U.S. cowardice.”

So I think that that is a very correct assessment, and there are various reports that Biden is being pushed, either by his own inclination or by the people around him. In any case, there is an interesting article in Politico on May 31, already, where the article says: “Biden made the decision after being prodded by aides, Democrats and foreign leaders to—slowly, incrementally—push past every red line he’d drawn on America’s involvement. And when Biden and his team saw the unfolding crisis in Kharkiv, the president was convinced to change course yet again.

“’There’s a real sense that the Ukrainians are in trouble. There’s a sense something needed to be done to weaken the Russian advances. The idea is to slow the Russian advances long enough for the Ukrainians to recover, buying them some time,’ said a U.S. official familiar with the battlefield situation....

“With every move, Washington cautioned that it was just helping Ukraine protect itself, not launching a shadow proxy war against an enemy.”

Now, obviously, there are various reports by Scott Ritter, but also several other experts who predict that there’s absolutely no way how the Ukrainians can recover, simply because the country is half-destroyed; one-third of the population left; they don’t have the soldiers to replenish the front lines, so it is an absolutely barbaric idea to continue this war, because if you don’t have a chance to win, and you keep fighting, that is just cannon fodder for some other purposes.

So Fiona Hill, whom we know for a long time, she’s a Russia expert, who was in the Trump administration at the time. Politico’s article quotes her saying: “All the veils are getting pulled off, exposing where we’ve been for a very long period of time. War has found them.”

Basically, the decision by Germany to also change line, after Scholz had made his whole image for the European election campaign as the “peace chancellor”—you know, he has posters out which describe him as a peacemaker. And now, the decision since last Friday is clear: Ukraine can use German weapons against targets in Russia; this is thinkable even for the Patriot defense systems, they are defense systems according to General Freudig who spoke on the German TV program “Report from Berlin,” yesterday. This is a fundamental change in course, and once against Germany is capitulating to the pressure coming from the United States, so they can use the Panzerhaubitz 2000 howitzers and the Mars-II rocket launcher, and the Patriot, which all have, especially with the reinforcement of the American ATACMS system, a range of 300 km. Also the Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen declared that from now on the Ukrainians can use the F-16 which are being delivered by Denmark to reach into Russia, which was countered by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, saying, “We can only consider the decision to supply these systems to the Kiev regime as a deliberate signal from NATO concerning nuclear weapons.” So supposedly these weapons are only to be used for defense in the region of Kharkiv in the northeast of Ukraine, but that takes a lot of trust into the Ukrainians that they will stick to this promise.

Now, there are, as I said, many people reacting to that. I think most important is an podcast interview by Michael von der Schulenburg, former UN official, who gave a 47 minute interview to the Swiss channel Weltwoche yesterday, where he is really totally emotional and passionate, saying, talking about the attack on the early warning radar system: this is insane, this brings us absolutely to the point of no return; and especially complete outrage that we in Germany should not have learned the lesson from two world wars. For those of you who speak German I can only advise you to watch this. He doesn’t say anything different from what we discussed at the IPC meeting, but it is coming from a very upset, bottom of the heart view of somebody who knows German history. And I also know that for sure, that our material was known to Weltwoche, so I think it’s a very interesting fruit of our mobilization.

Also Sahran Wagenknecht came out and warned that this is completely frightening how close we are to World War III; that this is something which absolutely has to be overcome and stopped.

The outrageous thing is that the German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit was asked by journalist Warweg [ph], who is accredited to the Bundes press conference, what caused Scholz to change his course, if he suddenly no longer believes that if Ukraine attacks Russian territory with German weapons, even if he himself had warned for many months that this is the danger of war for our country? And then said, incredibly, that he did not bring it up with the Chancellor, and therefore he cannot comment on it, and in any case, Scholz was upset about the Russian attack on the civilian Ukrainian construction shop.

Now, this is incredible: Either Hebestreit is lying, because for a matter of such important to not be brought up with Scholz is highly unlikely, but if he did, indeed, not do that, then he’s incompetent, and the whole government is not on top of things. And secondly, to then have the nerve to say that an attack on a store is more upsetting than an attack on an early warning system of Russia, just shows you that they’re either completely incompetent, or, they’re so arrogantly used to just saying something to the journalists, they don’t care if it can be questioned or not.

However, Sen. James David Vance (R-OH) wrote on his X account yesterday that President Joe Biden is sleepwalking into World War III, and this is extremely dangerous and it must stop.

There are now several reports appearing, preliminary but they are appearing, about the Palantir and Alex Karp. There was late on Sunday evening a program about this, saying that they have meta-data that they give to the military for also targetting for killing, but that Alexander Karp—who is a Marxist, unlike cofounder Peter Thiel who is a Trump supporter—that he is playing hard to get, that he is shy, not talking to the journalists, but popping up in Davos, and here and there; and today, there is another article in a blog, that Karp is working with Michael Hayden, former CIA and NSA official. It’s nothing we don’t know, but it’s interesting that this crops up and obviously, this is private sector; this is the MICIMATT, and we should publish more about what we had started to investigate on the initiative of Renée Sigerson.

While this escalation is going on, the capitulation and collapse of the system is just proceeding, and the flabbergasting question of why can these elites not recognize that they’re ripping apart everything that was built up after the Second World War, is really hard to answer, because there is no good answer to this question.

Another step in this is the fact that the EU, according to the Kiel Institute of World Economy (IfW Kiel) has calculated that the anti-China tariffs which the EU will implement will have an immediate cost of €4 billion, by cutting the number of imported electric cars from China by 25%, and for sure, China will retaliate, and therefore, the EU is jeopardizing its largest trade market, naturally on capitulation of pressure from the United States, and possibly Great Britain.

Now, I just should mention, because it shows you how absurd these establishments are: At the end of the three-day state visit of Macron to Germany, he went to Munster, the famous place where the Treaty of Westphalia was negotiated, and he got the Peace Prize of Westphalia! Now, he is one of the major warmongers on the scene, and it is now reported that the decision to give him this very prestigious peace prize was made 18 months ago, when, indeed, Macron had come out suggesting a mediation between Moscow and Kiev. But obviously, the 18 months since would have been long enough for people to follow the change in policy he made.

Now, the good thing is that demonstrations against the war danger are now starting to pop up, and I think we should spread the news about this as far as we can, because this is an example which really should be followed everywhere. Budapest was the place over the weekend of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. They were addressed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and he said, never before have so many people lined up for peace. We are the largest peace-keeping force in Europe. Europe must be prevented from rushing into war, into its own destruction. In two World Wars the Hungarians lost 1.5 million lives, and I’m saying this slowly so that Brussels will understand: We-will-not-go-to-war!

This is very important. And it should be noted that it’s not just Hungary but also President Rumen Radav of Bulgaria came out in a similar way. Naturally, Vucic from Serbia, whose party just won some major gains in a local election. Naturally, Fico and the Slovakian government. So it is important that there are four European heads of state or government who are coming out against the war policy, and therefore, their example should be repeated. Also, as a beginning, on Saturday, there were hundreds of protesters marching in Berlin, demanding an a halt to the military aid to Kyiv, and the dangerous anti-Russia rhetoric. They had banners reading “Stop the war and hate-speech against Russia. Stop Russophobia in politics and media. NATO is the aggressor, not Russia.” That is very good.

Now, we should also note that Jeffrey Sachs, John Mearsheimer, and various podcasters came out against this; also Jeffrey Sachs saying that it was the U.S. and NATO that provoked Russia, that it was not an “unprovoked” war, and obviously, this is important, because they are not going with the prescribed narrative.

On the larger battle for the emergence of a new economic system, after the horror show in Argentine, the attacks on Egypt, it is of strategic importance that the South African ANC did lose its absolute majority in parliament; they came in with 40.2%, from 57.5%, which is a loss of almost 17%. The Liberal Democratic Alliance had 21.7%; Zuma, who had created his own [MK, uMkhonto weSizwe, Zulu for “Spear of the Nation”] party six months ago, came in with 14.58%, and the Economic Freedom Fighters 9.5%. Now the government formation negotiations are now naturally difficult, and it’s a very volatile situation, which we should keep in mind. Obviously, the economic crisis in South Africa, with one-third of all people are unemployed, electrical blackouts almost daily are a major reason for this.

The Swiss “peace” conference near Lucerne, it is not functioning: Saudi Arabia will not attend the conference, because Russia is not involved, which they gave as their reason, according to diplomatic sources in Riyadh. So the Swiss conference will be a farce, for sure.

Now, the situation in the United States is also of strategic importance, because the fact there are no decent presidential candidates is the thumb which is sticking out. Trump’s trial was a travesty. Independently of whatever Trump is saying, it is clear that the 34 counts were tailored for Trump, and the legal pressure was a contributing factor to making him be so fixated on his defense, and the whole ridiculous issue, making people think about pornographic images, that he is now clearly surrounded by neocons who are spinning around him, which is not so good. And even if Tulsi Gabbard said she wants to be his Vice President running mate, and she would be proud if she were asked, well, in this present configuration, I don’t think she would make a big difference, given her stance on the Middle East and similar things.

So that makes the campaigns of Diane and Jose all the more important, and I want to repeat what I have already said: That I think the next six months or so will be, in all likelihood, war decisive. The European election will probably lead to a major shift to the right, with opposition parties to Macron becoming stronger in France. The AfD is being targetted right now with a huge scandal campaign, although whether that works remains to be seen. Before that, on June 5-8 there will be the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum which will demonstrate again that Russia is not in the last isolated, to the contrary.

Then in July 9-11 you will have the NATO summit, which given the war developments in Ukraine will for sure create a major image problem for NATO, which they may want to cover up by escalation. At the same time, you will have the SCO summit on July 3-4, which is very important in terms of Iran, the Middle East crisis and related issues. Then you will have the feedback and fallout from the efforts to instrumentalize and weaponize the dollar and the euro in respect to Russian assets, and possible counterreactions to that. Then in Oct. 22-24, you will have the BRICS summit in Kazan, Russia and finally, on Nov. 5, you will have the U.S. general elections.

So in this period, we should expect major, dramatic changes, earthquakes, tectonic shifts, and it all illustrates the need to inject our solutions: Meaning, we have to push the antiwar mobilization with the IPC, we have to expand what we did last Friday: We have to quadruple and magnify by 10 the attendance and really trying to get people to understand the seriousness of the situation. Then we should keep pushing the Oasis Plan, in light of the horror show continuing in Rafah and in Gaza in general, where the supposed Israeli peace plan is going nowhere. And then, we need to have a complete paradigm shift, getting people to understand that only if we overcome this geopolitical obsession with the Wolfowitz Doctrine, that that is what will lead to World War III, and therefore, we need to find a way to go back to the Five Principles of Peaceful Cooperation, and the UN Charter, but in earnest, not just in lip service.

So that is the game plan for us, and I think we have to really mobilize all our efforts to cause humanity to come away from the brink of World War III where we are right now, and to reach a new era, where we can live together as one humanity.

Closing Remarks

I can only support what Gretchen just said because, I think that if you look at the speeches, by Fico, for example, they’re much, much better than most speeches by almost any other European leader, and we didn’t cover it, because Slovakia is a small country, it was not in the headlines, but looking back at it, you discover that indeed, there is a human quality, where some of these people are devoted to the common good of their people, in ways which have been completely abandoned by the majority of Western countries’ leaderships. But I think we should take another look.

I mean, there is an effort by the oligarchy to contain the right opposition. The same happened in France, which was reported by Jacques, who said that these sovereignists so-called—I was always envious, because in Germany the word “sovereignist” is not even known as a word! [laughs] Which is because we have zero sovereignty! But the sovereignists in France are apparently not the brightest bulbs on the planet, and therefore, they have a very narrow idea of what sovereignist even means.

This is the world we are dealing with. and I think right now, the war danger, I can only say, if you think this through, what actually is the determination of some people to say “Putin in bluffing” and “we can raise the threshold step by step by step,” I do not know anybody who knows when the Russians are really saying “enough is enough”! and I would not be surprised if they would not very soon make some major asymmetrical response—and then, the question is, what then? So I think we are sitting on a powder keg which I really think should be the predominant concern, and motivate us to escalate.

That brings me to the final point: I think it was in the lead of the briefing today, again, the absolute need to get more people to read the Daily Alert. Because it’s like, what would our members do if they wouldn’t have the Briefing. You would be like a seven-day-old rabbit, you’d look cute, but you couldn’t see yet. I think rabbits only open their eyes when they a week old or so, so we’re just before that period: If you don’t open your eyes, you don’t see what’s going on around you.

So I think we should really make a huge effort to get the Daily Alert to as many people as a subscription. I’ve very happy to announce that we now have a German website for the Daily Alert. This was presented to the German organizers today after the European call. It looks fantastic. It’s very neat, and we will now have a noble competition, who can sell more subs, so we will hopefully soon report breakthroughs of all kinds in this respect. And I would like to urge you to do likewise. So I think we have discussed the tasks ahead of us very clearly. That’s it.