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U.K. Foreign Secretary Admits U.K. Opposes Macron’s Threat To Send Troops to Ukraine

The U.K.’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron was pranked by the famous Russians impersonators Vovan and Lexus, as they were pretending to be former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Cameron fell for it, taking a long call from the jokesters, and spilled some inconvenient stories as far as “Western unity” is concerned.

In response to a question about French President Macron’s threat to send French troops to fight in Ukraine, Cameron said: “I really welcome the fact that the French have changed their view but I’m not sure that it’s the right approach. I think that the problem is if we put foreign troops into Ukraine, they are a target for Putin. And then it begs the question, what you do if they were hit. I’m very keen on the French enthusiasm, but I’m not sure they’ve picked the particular answer. They could do, short of that, like, for example, Storm Shadow and other things. But you know, we’re not going to fall out, we don’t want to have an argument, we’re just trying to say privately ‘let’s think of the things we could do that are really helpful for Ukraine but aren’t leading to an escalation.’”

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