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Time magazine published an article, on June 25, hyping the Kiev regime’s “peace formula,” Zelenskyy’s ten-point “groundwork for a peace on Ukraine’s terms” that was the basis for the failed summit in Bürgenstock, Switzerland. Time credits Andriy Yermak, Zelenskyy’s top advisor, as being the driving force behind it. “Ukraine, through his efforts, has managed to set the stage for talks, gathered a large group of allies around it, and avoided getting dragged into a peace process that Russia controls,” Time reports. The main conclusion to be drawn from the Time report, despite the hype, however, is that Zelenskyy’s “peace formula” isn’t working.

As cited by RT, yesterday, the April-May 2022 peace talks failed (in part), because the West refused to agree to the security guarantees that Kiev was seeking. Not only was the alleged massacre in Bucha cited as a reason but also “the state of the fighting.” Ukrainian forces had allegedly achieved “some astonishing victories,” driving the Russians out of the Kiev region and many other parts of the country (never mind that the Russians never intended nor did they deploy enough troops to actually conquer those areas!)

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