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Wilkerson Terms U.S.-NATO Support for Ukraine ‘Insane’

Retired Col. Larry Wilkerson speaking to a Schiller Institute news conference on the danger of nuclear War. Credit: EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

Col. Larry Wilkerson (ret.), former chief of staff to Colin Powell, told TASS that if peace talks don’t start soon, there’ll be little left of Ukraine to salvage. “U.S., NATO, and other Western allies’ support for the war in Ukraine against Russia is insane. It is killing Ukraine’s soldiers for a hopeless cause—other than making money for U.S. and European defense contractors and generating a brutal attempt through proxies to bleed Russia,” Wilkerson said. “That latter objective, heinous as it is, has failed abjectly to be achieved,” he pointed out. “In fact, Russia is clearly winning.”

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