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The interview last night of President Joe Biden on ABC News by George Stephanopoulos was certainly an attempt to give Biden another chance to dispel the concerns of Democratic billionaires and party leaders that his dementia-like symptoms could be put aside with a flash of fighter Joe. The odds were stacked against Biden and his performance in the 20-minute interview did nothing to allay concerns. The blank stares, the silent pauses and the fumbling for words, mixed with the self-aggrandizing claims of world-conquering victories only possible by a fully competent leader, made for an uncomfortable experience.

Stephanopoulos, for his part, had one central theme behind his line of questioning, which was the inevitability that the party leaders, and Biden’s longtime supporters, would come to him and call upon him to step aside. Biden found that impossible to believe, denied that such a thing would happen, and stated that he would not hearken such a call unless it were made by God Almighty personally to him.

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