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168 Democratic Donors, Activists, and Civic Leader Call on Biden to Step Aside

According to the Washington Post, a group of 168 Democratic donors, academics, business executives, and others sent a letter yesterday to the White House to “respectfully” call on Biden to “withdraw from being a candidate for reelection for the sake of our democracy and the future of our nation.” The letter warned of “threats posed by a second term of Donald Trump'’ and urged Biden to “cement your legacy by passing the torch—just as George Washington did.” The letter was sent by a group called The Leadership Now Project, which is headed by Daniella Ballou-Aares, a member of the Obama White House. The letter was sent to several presidential advisers. Signers included:

Christy Walton, billionaire daughter-in-law of the Walmart founder,

Paul J. Tagliabue, NFL commissioner,

Mike Novogratz, billionaire investor,

Ning Mosberger-Tang, former Google executive,

Warburg Pincus, managing director of Harsha Marti,

Lawrence Lessig, professor at Harvard Law School,

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