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Four-month-old videos showing Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza impersonating Joe Biden are going viral in America now on TV channels and social media. The reason: “Crozza-Biden” had portrayed, with ferocious irony, the tragedy and the danger of a dementia-plagued President long before it showed up in the June 27 Presidential candidates’ debate.

One of the videos shows Crozza as Biden on the White House lawn, prancing towards the microphone, but falling on the ground twice before reaching it. After being rescued by bodyguards, he wants to shake hands with the microphone, asking, “What’s your name? My name is Joe Kennedy.” In the second video, a press conference, he begins, “As I said to the President of Israel Michael Gorbachev—sorry, Michael Jordan, when we went to the Moon, it was shot from Dallas.” In the end, he pulls out and opens a briefcase, containing only a huge red button. “I forgot to take my pills today, let me call my nurse,” he says, and before they can stop him, he pushes the button, unleashing a nuclear explosion.

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