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Newsweek Features Orbán's Challenge to NATO's Warmongers

Viktor Orbán (left) and Vladimir Putin. Credit: Viktor Orbán's Facebook page

Yesterday, on the same day that Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán surprised the world by meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the U.S., the legacy publisher Newsweek ran his op-ed, “The Point of NATO Is Peace, Not Endless War.” Of some note, Newsweek brought Russian President Vladimir Putin’s June 14 conditions for ending the Ukraine conflict by creating a new security architecture for all of Europe, to the attention of Americans, by interviewing Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov on the subject. Then Newsweek provided him more space]( a week later to underline the matter of the address the misconceptions being spread.

Extracts from Orbán’s lengthy op-ed follow:

“NATO is approaching a watershed moment. It is worth remembering that the most successful military alliance in world history started as a peace project, and its future success depends on its ability to maintain peace. But today, instead of peace, the agenda is the pursuit of war; instead of defense it is offense. All this runs counter to NATO’s founding values.… The task today should be to preserve the alliance as a peace project.”

After a review of Hungary’s serious involvement with building up NATO as a non-offensive force over the 25 years, he continues:

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