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Ohio Congressman Warns of World War III, Demands U.S. Sovereignty Not Be Handed Over to NATO

As the NATO summit began in Washington, D.C. on July 9, a small minority in the U.S. Congress stepped up their opposition to the United States plunge into nuclear war against Russia in the name of “defending” Ukraine. Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio introduced a resolution in the House declaring that the United States “should not enter into any bilateral or multilateral agreement to provide security guarantees or long-term security assistance to Ukraine.” The same resolution, titled “No Unconstitutional Security Guarantees to Ukraine,” had been introduced in the Senate on June 20, by Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

The resolution makes the case that the 10-year U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Security Agreement signed by Presidents Biden and Zelenskyy last June 13 is unconstitutional. Binding relationships with other nations are established by treaties, and require Senate approval to be valid. This so-called “executive agreement” cooked up as a way to impose a policy on administrations to come “will have no force of law until submitted to the Senate for ratification,” as the Constitution specifies. Furthermore, the Resolution asserts, the U.S. Congress “does not recognize the Bilateral Agreement as a bridge to Ukraine’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”

Davidson, an Army veteran and West Point graduate, charges that the Bilateral Agreement “puts American lives, national security, and sovereignty at risk.” While there are only three Congressmen, so far, signed onto the resolution, Davidson reminds that they speak for many Americans. “President Biden and his globalist allies may be interested in escalating this war and giving up U.S. sovereignty to NATO, but the American people are not,” he said in announcing his action yesterday.

The same day, in an article published by Responsible Statecraft, Davidson raised the crucial issue facing the nation: “All Eyes on Biden, But Can They See How Close We Are to War?.”

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