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RIA Novosti Interviews Schiller Institute's Richard Black on Orbán Diplomacy, NATO Summit

The Russian state news agency RIA Novosti released two articles today, based on an interview with Richard A. Black, the Schiller Institute representative at the UN in New York. The following is a machine translation of the article evaluating Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s courageous international peace initiative.

American Expert Evaluates Orbán’s Peace Mission. Expert Black: Orbán’s Mission Creates Positive Diplomatic Opportunities

NEW YORK, July 9—RIA Novosti. Westerners are committed to the collapse of Russia, which in turn threatens nuclear war, but the peace mission of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán creates positive diplomatic opportunities for resolving the situation, Richard Black, a representative of the Schiller Institute at the UN in New York, told RIA Novosti.

According to Black, the “war party,” based, for example, in the administration of American President Joe Biden or in the British Royal United Studies Institute (RUSI), is committed to the collapse of Russia.

“This is the extreme immediate danger of a nuclear third world war and the destruction of life on the planet. The majority of the American population does not support Biden’s policy of war with Russia, combined with his policy of extreme neglect of the domestic economy. The outcome of the November elections, of course, is unclear. However, the emergence of honest diplomacy in Europe in the form of Orbán’s ‘Peace Diplomacy 3.0’ creates new positive potential on both sides of the Atlantic,” Black said, answering the question of whether the next U.S. administration will give Russia guarantees of NATO non-proliferation to the East, as well as guarantees of non-admission of Ukraine into the Alliance.

“The expert noted that it remains unclear whether the U.S. attitude towards NATO will change if Donald Trump wins the election in America.”