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Russia on Trump’s Ukraine Peace Plan: ‘Seriously?!’

Are you curious what the Russians think about Donald Trump’s bluster about how he could end the Ukraine war in 24 hours?

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked on July 3 to comment on a report that had appeared the day before in Politico, that former President Donald Trump was proposing a “deal” under which NATO would stop its Eastward expansion, and that Ukraine and Georgia would not join NATO, in exchange for a discussion “over how much Ukrainian territory Moscow can keep,” RT reported July 3. Peskov replied plainly: “This is not true,” adding that there has been no contact between Trump and Putin. As for the “roadmap” that Trump advisers have supposedly prepared, Peskov commented: “The value of any plan lies in the nuances and in taking into account the real state of affairs on the ground.”

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