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Russia Warns That More U.S. Arms to Ukraine Will Only Lead to More Deaths

Russian Ambassador in Washington Anatoly Antonov warned that the latest U.S. weapons package for Ukraine will only lead to more civilian deaths. “U.S. Administration continues the course of war. It cherishes illusory dreams of a strategic victory over Russia. Vladimir Putin’s proposals on how to end the conflict and reach peace are being rejected,” Antonov said on Russian Embassy Telegram channel, released in English today.

He lambasted that “Pumping up the agonizing Zelenskyy regime with deadly weapons is a futile project. In fact, this is encouraging terrorists in Kiev to commit new crimes. It is obvious that new American weapons will not reduce the intensity of our struggle for the liberation of Ukraine. It will only lead to new casualties among the civilian population, including women and children,” Antonov emphasized.

“Only ignorant people do not understand that the current war allows the U.S. military-industrial complex to line their pockets. The United States is teetering on the edge of conflict with Russia, the largest nuclear power.

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