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Russian Engineers Studying Captured ATACMS Guidance System

Russian engineers are studying the guidance system of one of the U.S.’s ATACMS missiles that the Russian military was able to obtain from the battlefield. “Firstly, [Russian] designers will analyze the whole bulk of data and find out how the missile flies,” Viktor Litovkin, retired Russian Army colonel and military analyst, told Sputnik, along with “how it is directed to the target, whether it is guided by the GPS system, or satellites, or heavy drones. They will find out its weaknesses and strengths, the composition of the engine [fuel] and solid propellants, how its rudders work, how it determines its orientation and many other details,” he added.

After examining the ATACMS missile, Russian specialists will be able to give recommendations to the military on how to intercept it more effectively with anti-aircraft missile systems and how to jam it with electronic warfare (EW) weapons, the retired officer pointed out. “The military will use this information to attack these missiles and the launchers that fire these missiles. It is possible that after studying this missile [the Defense Ministry] would be able to discover the launch areas and location of these missiles faster,” said Litovkin.