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Democratic Party Originally Questioned Biden’s Mental State in 2019, So Why Are They Shocked Now?

On the July 1 episode of “Breaking Points,” journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out to host Saagar Enjeti an inconvenient fact haunting those Democratic operatives, who have suddenly become concerned with Biden’s long, too-obvious cognitive decline:

“I think it’s really important to remember that the people who first raised concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and cognitive inabilities were people speaking in 2018 and 2019, and these were Democratic Party operatives and insiders that were very worried that Biden was going to get the nomination, kind of by default, because he was by Obama’s side….”

Before Glenn Greenwald was removed from his position at The Intercept, he had written an article on March 9, 2020, “Democrats and Their Media Allies Impugned Biden’s Cognitive Fitness. Now They Feign Outrage,” which identified Democratic politicians and media figures who sounded the alarm before Biden was nominated as the party’s candidate.

[Greenwald reports one early critic, long-time NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell, who raised the question before the June 2019 presidential debate: “The long-time reporter, not exactly known as a Trump sympathizer to put that mildly, went on air amidst a series of rambling, incoherent Biden appearances and said: ‘the question is, does he still have his stuff? How sharp is he?’ prompting Chris Matthews to immediately understand her point and reply: ‘You know you’re answering the question with the question.’"]

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