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Ukraine’s Molfar-OSINT Fingers Russian Senator Dmitry Rogozin for a Hit

Ukraine’s Molfar-OSINT posted to its website on July 5 a call for a hit against the prominent Russian political figure Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s former Ambassador to NATO (2008-2011), Deputy Prime Minister (2011-2018) and Director of Roscosmos (2018-2022). Presently, he is a senator from the Zaporozhye Region which became part of the Russian Federation following a popular referendum in September 2022.

Molfar-OSINT, with its headquarters in London, figures prominently in the U.S. government- funded and -supported nest of Ukrainian agencies, private and public, used to draw up hit lists against anyone, inside or outside Ukraine, who opposes an all-out NATO-Ukraine war against Russia. EIR exposed, in its May 31, 2024 dossier, "`Countering Disinformation’ by Assassination: Lesson of the Fico Hit,” how this Anglo-American “slime mold” of kill lists built up in Ukraine works.

Molfar placed a target on Rogozin’s head by publishing a lengthy profile labeling him a “criminal and Russian Nazi” involved in supporting military and partisan forces in the new Russian territories, and who also says bad things against Western leaders and countries (such as calling Germany “the main sponsor of war"). The central element of the article, however, is its release of detailed personal information on Rogozin and his wife, son, three grandchildren, sister, cousin and nephew. Included are their photographs, phone and email contact information, social media accounts, tax ID numbers, purported income, property owned, where they study, where they travel, etc. Even brief bios on his deceased parents are included.

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