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Xi Jinping in Kazakhstan, Offering Expanded Economic Development

Prior to his arrival today in Kazakhstan for a state visit and to attend the July 3-4 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Heads of State Council Meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced expanded plans for economic development between the two countries. As is his tradition, President Xi submitted an article to his hosts’ media, writing “Staying True to Our Shared Commitment and Opening a New Chapter in China-Kazakhstan Relations” for the event.

Kazinform published Xi’s article, in which he listed four points of their growing relationship. In the second point he explained: “China and Kazakhstan have different yet complementary resource endowments and industries. This offers huge potential for cooperation. China stands ready to promote greater synergy between Belt and Road cooperation and the economic policies under a Just Kazakhstan at a faster pace, and further open our super-sized market to Kazakhstan so that our Kazakh friends can share the opportunities of our development. Our two countries need to deepen cooperation in traditional sectors including business, trade, industrial capacity, investment, energy, mining and agriculture, and enhance the efficiency of customs clearance at border ports. We need to ensure the high-quality operation of the China-Europe Railway Express, advance the construction of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, and make the network connecting our two countries more multidimensional, diverse and efficient. We need to significantly unleash the potential for cooperation in such high-tech areas as new energy, the digital economy, artificial intelligence, cross-border e-commerce, aviation and aerospace, and build more industrial and supply chains with high added-values, in order to inject new impetus to our cooperation.”

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