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January 6 and the Curious Case of Ray Epps

Crowd storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. CC/TapTheForwardAssist

Few individuals are better known in relation to the Washington, D.C. events of January 6, 2021 than Ray Epps, the former Oath Keeper captured on video exhorting multiple groups of people as early as January 5 that “we need to go into the Capitol.” Epps was right up front at the location of the initial breach of security lines around the Capitol, where he had arrived before Trump had finished speaking. The FBI included him on their most wanted list for January 6.

So how is it that only years later has he been criminally charged, and only with committing a misdemeanor, for which crime the prosecution asked for six months in jail and for which he was actually sentenced to a year of probation, and this after the government acknowledged their belief that he had actually committed felonies?

One of the famous videos of Epps in action may help resolve the dilemma: As he organizes people on the night of Jan. 5 to invade the Capitol the next day, one group of people around him begin chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

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