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Biden Gang Has No Intention of Restraining Israel, Politico Discovers

The Washington publication Politico seems to have discovered that sky is indeed blue, reporting that “the Biden administration is not planning to punish Israel if it launches a military campaign in Rafah without ensuring civilian safety.”

Politico’s National Security Daily figured this out because “three U.S. officials, granted anonymity to detail internal discussions, told NatSec Daily no reprimand plans are in the works, meaning Israeli forces could enter the city and harm civilians without facing American consequences.”

They add: “But critics of the Biden administration contend they are refusing to use considerable leverage over Israel to save lives. Instead of withholding military assistance or sanctioning extreme members of Netanyahu’s government, Biden and his team prefer to signal displeasure in public. That offers nice soundbites, they say, but it actually doesn’t change anything. `There are no indications of any policy change,’ said Michael DiMino, a former CIA official now at the Defense Priorities think tank.”