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EIR Daily News • Monday, March 25, 2024

The Lead

If the Present Order Leads to World War, What Can We Replace It With?

by Paul Gallagher (EIRNS) — Mar. 24, 2024

March 24, 2024 (EIRNS)—Consider Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s warning to the 42nd consecutive meeting of the International Peace Coalition, March 22: “I think that the worsening of the strategic situation will dawn on people all over the world, because if the Russians are actually saying that there is now a state of war, that will be heard. I can only hope that a lot of idiotic people who think this is all bluff and will not happen, will wake up.”

There was heavy missile bombardment on the night of March 23, by both Russian, and Ukrainian NATO-armed and -guided armed forces, of each other’s infrastructure and cities, while Russian ground forces made further advances. This followed hard on the French President Macron’s and military figures’ talk of sending French forces into Ukraine against the Russians; and that, in turn, hard on German discussions of sending in their long-range missiles for strikes into Russia. The March 22 terror attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall theater, killing at least 133 and wounding some 152 civilians, may become a major flashpoint of escalation.

The Kremlin and Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) present evidence that at least some of the terrorists were apprehended in Bryansk near to the border to Ukraine, to which they were trying to flee after the horrific attack in Moscow. Russia is acting on that evidence. NATO governments, including that of the United States, primarily through their loyalist media, angrily dismiss the Russian evidence and insist that this was simply an anti-Russian attack by the jihadi terrorist “ISIS-K” or “ISIS-Khorasan.”

Both may be true, as there have been ties between Chechen, Tajik and other anti-Russian terrorists of what is called “ISIS,” and Ukrainian extreme rightists, both in the past, and recently involving the Ukraine military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR).

Consider another pattern. The three major terror attacks claimed by/attributed to “ISIS-K” in 2023 have been: a Jan. 3 attack in Kerman, Iran which killed some 95 Iranians and was “answered” by an Iranian missile attack on a supposed “ISIS-K” site in Pakistan; on March 21 a suicide bombing in Kandahar, Afghanistan, apparently against security personnel for the Afghan (Taliban) leader Sheikh Haibatullah; and the March 23 Moscow Crocus City Hall theater attack.

Whose targets of attack are these nations? The answer is NATO, and Anglo-American financial elites. And where has “ISIS” come from? It has arisen in areas first devastated by military interventions of NATO militaries.

Then there is the current government of Israel. U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson invited Bibi Netanyahu to address the House, in person or otherwise, while in midst of committing genocide in Gaza. The invitation was announced by Johnson in an interview with CNBC on March 21.

Back in 2002, Netanyahu spoke to the joint houses of Congress, and—speaking for Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and U.S. neo-cons, Bibi Netanyahu said, “If you take out [Iraq President] Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations in the region.” The reverberations were Al-Qaeda in the Levant (Iraq), and then “ISIS,” along with the rise to power of Hamas; stimulated always by British, U.S. and ally Israel’s leaderships’ decisions.

What is NATO and such allies as this Israeli government really trying to stop, to destroy?

The top oil official of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser, has just declared the “global green energy transition”—of King Charles and the World Economic Forum elites—to be a failure, and called for abandoning it in favor of investment in fossil fuels, nuclear power.

But phasing out fossil fuels, and phasing out human population, is the whole of the 21st Century plan of London, Wall Street and the elites associated with NATO. Saudi Arabia has made itself an adversary of this great and “just transition,” along with Russia, Iran, China, Egypt, Brazil … say, aren’t those BRICS nations? Perhaps the angry and militarily powerful fascist ally of those elites, the current Israeli government, is deploying to threaten and intimidate Saudi Arabia into abandoning that cause, of international economic development?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche concluded, at that IPC meeting: “This is a situation where we need a lot of forces worldwide to say: If the present world order leads to world war, with what can we replace it to create a durable peace for all of humanity, so that we get out of this danger? I think a new international security and development architecture is the only way which addresses these problems.”

This is the warning of war that meeting issued: Our Outcry Must Not Come Too Late!


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