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EIR Daily News • Sunday, March 24, 2024

The Lead

Which Galaxy Are You In?

by Dennis Small (EIRNS) — Mar. 23, 2024

March 23, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán hit the nail on the head in comments March 22, after participating in an EU summit in Brussels. He said that a number of EU leaders there were openly discussing what was “unthinkable” just a few weeks ago: sending NATO troops to Ukraine to do battle with Russia. Orbán warned that “if a NATO country enters into military operations against Russia, it will mean the start of World War III.” He added about the meeting with his colleagues: “I feel like I have arrived in another galaxy.”

Orbán is right—and an extraordinarily dangerous one it is.

The dominant policy among the Western elites is one of relentless confrontation with Russia and China on all fronts—up to and including nuclear war. The pro-war rhetoric issuing from the mass media and nearly every political leader is crazier and more hysterical than the next, each one politically hyperventilating in their denunciation of President Putin and Russia as the source of all evil in the world—or perhaps the galaxy.

NATO boots on the ground are proposed. Germany’s Taurus missile is prepared for shipment so that Kyiv can strike Moscow and other targets. Oil refineries deep inside Russia continue to be hit with Western weapons, Western targeting and guidance, and open Western approval.

Then on March 22, a heinous terrorist attack killed 133 Russians attending a concert near Moscow. Although Russian authorities have yet to officially ascribe responsibility, President Putin did announce in a national TV broadcast that “the attackers were caught fleeing towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window to cross the border was prepared on the Ukrainian side.” Whoever the immediate terrorists turn out to be, it is well-documented that such capabilities—and the motive—lie principally in Western intelligence agencies, especially the British.

Also part of the war on humanity originating in “the other galaxy” is the financial and economic warfare being waged by Wall Street and the City of London against the BRICS nations, and any country in the Global South that would break free of servitude to the bankrupt trans-Atlantic system’s looting and speculation. South Africa is threatened with U.S. sanctions for daring to denounce Israeli genocide in Gaza. The IMF and the international banks have Ethiopia and Egypt on the rack, demanding deadly austerity and cutbacks in order to refinance their loans. Chinese banks are being blackmailed with the prospect of U.S. sanctions if they continue to finance Chinese-Russian trade. And Saudi Arabia is specially targeted to pull it away from the BRICS and into recognition of Israel, so that the region can then take on “perhaps the biggest threat to Israel and to many others, which is Iran and its various proxies,” Secretary of State Tony Blinken stated after meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The views from these two galaxies have become absolutely irreconcilable, Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented today. An extraordinary organizing effort has to be carried to bring some semblance of rationality back to Western policymaking circles before it is too late. In her closing remarks to the March 22 meeting of the International Peace Coalition, Zepp-LaRouche emphasized:

“I think that the worsening of the strategic situation will dawn on people all over the world, because if the Russians are actually saying that there is now a state of war, that will be heard. I can only hope that a lot of idiotic people who think this is all bluff and will not happen, will wake up.”

She continued: “I would urge everybody on this call to really invest some time to make sure that we reach out to all organizations and institutions that should be alarmed and mobilized.… Reach out to churches, trade unions, civil groups; and make sure that they act on the basis of the statement” that was just prepared and read to the IPC meeting, “Our Outcry Must Not Come Too Late!”

“Get into a sense of mobilization,” Zepp-LaRouche insisted, “really become an organizer. Right now, there are very few people who understand the severity of the crisis, and have a solution.”

In addition to this urgent mobilization to stop the drive for war, she added, “We also need to address the underlying reasons why this is happening.… In addition to the economic crisis and the crisis of the financial system of the West, which is the cause of it, there is the fact that parts of the rest of the world are not collapsing; they are rising. China is rising, all of Asia is rising. In the meantime, most of the Global South have allied with the BRICS.”

Under these circumstances, an entirely new international security and development architecture is required. “I know that most people are not thinking that they can make any change, or that they can be part of changing the entire order of the world. Most people think they are too small, this is not their job. But we should think as world citizens, because if the world is in disorder, each of us has the right to think how to make the world better.”

Zepp-LaRouche reminded listeners that, back in November 2022, she had prepared a proposal with “Ten Principles, which I have forwarded as a suggestion for discussion, and to give people a sense of what should be part of such a new architecture.”

She concluded: “This is a situation where we need a lot of forces worldwide to say: If the present world order leads to world war, with what can we replace it to create a durable peace for all of humanity, so that we get out of this danger? I think a new international security and development architecture is the only way which addresses these problems.”


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