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EIR Daily News • Monday, April 15, 2024

The Lead

‘Oasis Plan’ Development: A Race for the Survival of Humanity

by Paul Gallagher (EIRNS) — Apr. 14, 2024

April 14, 2024 (EIRNS)—Throughout her campaign for the “Oasis Plan” concept of peace through development to stop the Southwest Asia war, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche has warned that if the war spreads to Iran, all bets are off on the danger of world war. That has now happened. There is now a complete urgency to bring nations in on the development principle represented by the Oasis Plan; and to mobilize Americans to break with the war policy of the United States’ political factions.

The United States bears responsibility for this outbreak of war between Iran and Israel. By choosing to smile its way through Israel’s April 1 unlawful, provocative and fatal bombing and destruction of Iran’s diplomatic premises in Damascus—refusing even to acknowledge that an Iranian diplomatic facility had been attacked—the Biden Administration and its “allies and partners” left Iran no option, no “cover” for de-escalation; Iran could point to no opposition to Israel’s outlaw attack except a counterattack it had to make itself. The United States then rushed its officials, its forces and its weapons to back Israel, thus tempting Bibi Netanyahu to spread his war, and heaping pressure on Congress to give Ukraine $60 billion for NATO’s war against Russia.

Thus it is a critical advance in this race for survival of humanity, that this weekend’s international Schiller Institute conference saw several nations’ respect and appreciation for the Oasis Plan open up. Two Palestinian ambassadors were engaged by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in an extensive dialogue on the LaRouche plan, giving it their greatest respect while maintaining their different views on the crucial issue of whether such development really can bring durable peace rather than only following from peace. A Russian diplomatic representative at the UN explicitly endorsed the Oasis Plan in prepared remarks; the Ambassador of Belarus commented that “the more you look at it, the more it grows on you.”

Private sector representatives of water engineering and construction sectors from the United States and European nations debated the principles of World Land-Bridge or BRICS Belt and Road development.

The allied New York campaigns of LaRouche independents Diane Sare for U.S. Senate and Jose Vega for U.S. Congress from the Bronx, both becoming known nationally and even internationally as bold intervenors for peace and economic progress, are now on center stage in forcing U.S. policies to change. Both are running against advocates of a war policy against Russia and China as well as in Southwest Asia. All support for them is support for an American turn to a new paradigm: “great projects” like the Oasis Plan; retooling military production to economic infrastructure, space exploration, cooperation on scientific frontiers.

Take note of a complaint published Sunday in the Wall Street Journal, entitled “America’s Bonds Are Getting Harder To Sell,” and telling the tale of recent Treasury auctions of long-term U.S. bonds—auctions which have ranged from merely poor, to terrible.

As long as the United States continues to pursue London’s imperial task of “ruining” the BRICS group of nations, by war and economic warfare, it ruins itself instead, becoming a great former sole superpower facing the collapse of its own unpayable debt. Americans have to move to stop this.


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