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Again, a State Department Official Resigns, Protesting vs. Gaza Policy

On May 28, the same day that the White House announced that no “red lines” are being crossed by Israel’s Gaza policy, State Department official Stacy Gilbert resigned in protest, according to the Washington Post. Gilbert, a career employee in the bureau that deals with refugees and migration, indicated that she and many other colleagues dispute the findings of National Memorandum-20 (NSM-20).

Official Washington loves classified documents especially if it has the term “National Security” in the name. But NSM-20 is a public document and was never classified. NSM-20 was cooked-up as fake propaganda released in February with the main objective of quelling the growing “ceasefire” movement in Congress. The report is a convoluted 46-page fabrication that claims that U.S. weapons are not involved in any acts of genocide in Gaza. The report further claims that Israel is not restricting the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Although virtually every UN official and humanitarian organization believes this report to be completely false, the Biden White House has used this report to allow continued arms shipments to Israel.

There is a growing list of State Department employees who have resigned in protest of the ongoing genocide and the U.S. complicity with it. One vocal critic is Josh Paul, who also resigned in October 2023 from the State Department in protest. Paul said, “the Biden Administration will do anything to avoid the truth.” Paul continued, “This is not just a story of bureaucratic complicity or ineptitude—there are people signing off on arms transfers, people drafting arms transfer approval memos, people turning a blind eye,” Paul wrote. People “who could be speaking up, people who have an awesome responsibility to do good, and a lifelong commitment to human rights—whose choice is to let the bureaucracy function as though it were business as usual.” The final straw for Stacy Gilbert were the lies over the obvious obstruction to aid for Gaza.