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Senior Advisor to USAID Resigns in Protest over Gaza Policy

After four years working as an advisor on maternal health, child health, and nutrition to the State Department’s U.S. Agency for Aid for International Development (USAID), Alexander Smith was given a choice of either resigning or being dismissed, according to The Guardian. On May 27 he was forced out for the “crime” of attempting to tell the truth.

Smith, who worked as a contractor for USAID, was preparing a presentation for an internal conference that detailed child mortality among Palestinians. In the end the USAID leadership canceled any presentation last week on this topic. USAID has little to do with “aid” and is more of a geopolitical tool to force a country in crisis to submit to the ever-shifting “rules-based order.” USAID Administrator Samantha Power claims that her pet project is “maternal health and safety,” yet the top advisor on this issue has resigned in disgust.

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