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After the Debate, Chatham House Worries About ‘Sea Change’ in America

Ostensibly, Chatham House’s U.S. and Americas Program Director Leslie Vinjamuri, in her “Expert Opinion” published today, is worried about a Donald Trump election victory, but the deeper worry is that if the chessboard is overturned, the liberal order itself is at risk.

“President Biden’s performance has provoked demands that he cede his nomination to an alternative candidate,” Vinjamuri wrote. “This is unfortunate. Many of Biden’s policies have been essential, from bringing NATO together to defend Ukraine, to spearheading America’s COVID-19 recovery…. The spectacle was alarming at a time when the next U.S. president’s foreign policy choices matter more than ever. With two wars raging in Ukraine and Gaza, a rivalry with China that risks Europe’s economic autonomy and is dividing the world, and a climate crisis that demands US leadership, the stakes are especially high.”

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