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Caitlin Johnstone: Americans Should Be Worried That the President Has Dementia Now

In a column posted yesterday, Australian Caitlin Johnstone remarks how “everybody’s focusing on what Joe Biden’s dementia-addled debate performance says about his ability to win re-election, instead of on the fact that the current, sitting President of the United States has dementia.”

“What this suggests is that people already kind of know on some level that the President of the United States doesn’t really run the United States, but are still mentally compartmentalized away from this reality enough to care who wins the presidential election,” she continues. “If people really believed the President runs the country, they’d be freaking out that Biden in his demented haze might order an attack on what he may think is still the Soviet Union or nuke Libya to kill Muammar Qaddafi or something.

“They’re not worried that this will happen because they know their government is actually being run by unelected empire managers from behind the scenes, and that Biden is just the official face on the operation.”

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