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Scott Ritter Interview with Judge Napolitano Addresses the War Danger

After having his passport seized and being removed from the boarding process from a flight to Istanbul, thence en route to Russia on June 3, on the orders of the State Department, Scott Ritter continues to amplify his message of caution against the war drive. Speaking on the program Judging Freedom with Judge Andrew Napolitano on June 4, Ritter identified the illegal role of the U.S. State Department to attempt to silence him and to finance the Ukraine Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) which puts U.S. citizens, including himself, on a hit list.

Ritter stressed that it is U.S. funding authorized by the U.S. Congress that allows Ukraine to restrict the freedom of speech of U.S. citizens and put those citizens in harm’s way. Ritter detailed the strategic danger of U.S. leaders saying that Russia is merely “bluffing,” and the complete lack of concern for the true interests of Ukraine. Ritter said that the Western obsession is to weaken Russia regardless of the fatal consequences.

Former Democratic Congressman (OH) and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich wrote in “The Kucinich Report” of June 4 about the multiple constitutional violations of restricting Scott Ritter’s travel and free speech. Kucinich said that the seizure of Ritter’s passport violated his Fourth Amendment rights. There was no due process, which violated the Fifth Amendment. And it was all designed to violate his First Amendment rights to free speech. Kucinich added that since the State Department knew of Ritter’s travel plans three weeks ago, he suspects that the State Department further wanted to humiliate Ritter with the drama at the airport.