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The ‘Shirion Collective,’ Daniel Linden's Pro-Israel Hate-Mongers and Doxing

According to The Guardian, Gainesville, Florida resident Daniel Linden has been identified as the leader of the Shirion Collective, a pro-Israel online disinformation network determined to control public opinion over issues such as genocide in Gaza. Linden is a “tech entrepreneur” whose only known “contribution” to humanity is his guidebook on how to best use the sex website, “OnlyFans.” Shirion runs bullying and harassment against pro-Palestinian activists (including against many Jews) and claims to have an “AI-surveillance” capability, according to The Guardian.

Shirion claims to be a “surveillance network” which searches for “digital fingerprints” to “aggressively track and expose anti-Semitism,” reported The Guardian. In 2023 Shirion began to offer “cash for doxers” according to The Guardian, offering $500 for the identity of a student protester, but as much as $1,500 if that protester were involved in “genocidal chanting.” The Guardian continued that the offer would go as high as $10,000 for the identity of a politician. The Guardian further claims that Shirion brags about its contacts inside the New York Police Department, the FBI, Israeli intelligence, London’s Police Department, and with several Congressional offices. At this point, it is not clear what kind of coordination Shirion and Linden may have with any of the above, but the identification of Linden is a first step.

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