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Yet Another USAID-Supported Ukraine Hit List Released, Targeting Americans!

On June 6, the Ukrainian “NGO,” Texty Data Journalism Agency, published an enemies list of 390 Americans and 76 organizations (all but a handful of those are also American) charged with “echoing Russian propaganda” and “contributing to political discordance within the decision-making establishment.” How? By calling for an end to the insanity of unending U.S. support for using Ukraine to wage war against Russia.

This is a scandal! EIR had just published its second dossier on the extensive and overlapping “anti-disinformation” apparatus fostered in Ukraine by the U.S., UK and NATO which targets for elimination, political or physical, people and institutions which buck the decreed narrative of “the decision-making establishment”: [`Countering Disinformation’ by Assassination: Lesson of the Fico Hit]( Now steps forward as another piece in the extremely dangerous U.S.-government funded “anti-disinformation” apparatus in Ukraine which EIR exposed.

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