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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

by David Shavin (EIRNS) — May. 23, 2024

Yesterday’s attacks upon the ongoing investigation by Slovakian officials into the May 15 attempted assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico were supposed to accomplish what the assassination failed to do—freeze any sane, national impulses in Europe standing in opposition to a future of permanent geopolitical wars against Russia and China. It’s not that Slovakia and Hungary are that powerful, but the EU has not crushed them—and the longer they stand, the greater the danger of a long overdue “slave revolt” by Europe’s larger countries. In Slovakia’s case, last year’s election of Fico and the April 6 presidential election of his colleague Peter Pellegrini indicate that populations can choose a more independent path.

On May 19, Slovakia’s authorities announced that their investigation was looking into the collaborators of the gunman Juraj Cintula—a trail that threatens to expose the dirty underbelly of the pleasant-sounding process of “color revolutions.” All the initial indications are that Western creation and funding of “disgruntled” citizens, perhaps provoked by some actual grievances, but dominated by issues chosen for them, designed to keep them in a perpetual state of rage, are central to the phenomenon appearing as the supposed “lone wolf” gunman. And very undemocratic assassinations have, too often, been the muscle behind the disciplining of politicians.

Yesterday, Meta/Facebook curiously announced that the Slovakian authorities are wrong, that Cintula has no collaborators—yet their clumsy narrative was easily discredited, leaving one wondering what level of desperation exists amongst these circles. Bloomberg weighed in “Russian disinformation” narrative, with the moral of the story being that there’s no evidence that the assassin was acting for Ukraine—as if the gunman had not already been caught on camera, calling Fico a traitor and demanding for more weapons for Ukraine.

Today, Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze—a prime target for the geopoliticians for a coup—stated that a European Commissioner had told him to get in line with the program or he would be given the “Fico treatment”. (The formulation was: “You see what happened to Fico, and you should be very careful.") The program was that Georgia had to abandon its transparency effort to have NGOs with at least 20% of foreign funding to register as an “organization carrying out the interests of a foreign power.” Meanwhile, the foreign-funded operations are leading the protests and riots to preserve the secrecy of their funding! Kobakhidze went further: “The parallel drawn with the attempted assassination of Robert Fico reminds us that, in the form of the Global War Party, we are dealing with an extremely dangerous force….” Just imagine, for example, if John F. Kennedy had survived the bullets, and there was a chance to rally nations to clean out such exposed networks.

In Iran today—aside from 3 million people attending the funeral of their late President Ebrahim Raisi, and delegations from 68 nations, including 10 heads of state—there was also a succinct presentation by Jason Ross, the Schiller Institute’s science advisor on the LaRouche “Oasis Plan,” made to a group of leaders of Iran’s “Organization To Defend Victims of Violence.” The massive greening of the vast desert regions centered on plentiful nuclear energy and massive desalination of seawater, was as out of the ordinary and completely straightforward as today’s intervention by Georgia’s Prime Minister.

Part of the report on the event explained that the “first question in the Q&A section came from a young, ebullient woman: ‘When links to this plan were first shared with me, I found it so attractive that I began researching it and came to my own conclusion that it is an inclusive, comprehensive plan,’ she said. ‘And all the neighboring countries will benefit from it. So, my question is, what are the obstacles besides the U.S., which you mentioned?’ Ross gave three key ones: 1) the historical role of the British in manipulating conflicts in the region as a means of control, to prevent land connectivity in this crossroads of the world; 2) Western countries’ resistance to infrastructure and growth in general; and 3) the notion of ‘scarcity,’ or the environmentalist rejection of the creativity of the human mind creating new resources.”

It is true that a mind is a terrible thing to waste; and also true that the population of the United States lost their way when they allowed a President to be assassinated in 1963, and, worse, knew they were acceding to a falsehood. It is also true that, today, a great moment in history would be a terrible thing to waste.

It is a deliberate choice to inject optimism into this suffering world—yet irresponsible to get people’s hopes up without being able to deliver. So, make the deliberate decision to master the “Oasis Plan,” as if your life depended on it. Or better, as if your neighbor’s life depended on it.


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