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The Musty, Smelly, Calcified System Is on Its Way out; Don’t Let It Drag Us into World War

by Stewart Battle (EIRNS) — Jun. 01, 2024

At NATO’s meeting of Foreign Ministers Friday, May 31, it was as if a competition was held as to who could pound one’s chest the hardest in threatening Russia and China. Western leaders, after suddenly discovering that their eloquent speeches about Ukraine’s impending victory are doing nothing to win the war, are now in a desperate scramble to save a Ukrainian army on the edge of defeat.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken announced that “we’ll be taking concrete steps to bring Ukraine closer to NATO and ensure that there’s a bridge to membership, a bridge that’s strong and well-lit” (and hopefully built by different people than those who built the Gaza pier). NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, for his part, pushed to rally the membership for the long-haul: “We must maintain at least this level of support each year, for as long as necessary.”

At the same time, NATO members Finland and Norway followed suit in announcing that they would also be approving Ukrainian strikes into Russian territory. Eager to show an even further commitment, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister went so far as to say Ukraine has the right to strike Belarus, if Russian military positions are found there.

As EIR published last week, these flagrant actions, if continued, are marching the world right over the cliff of a nuclear World War III. Russian President Putin last week explained how all these long-range Western missiles being used by Ukraine, including most of the drones, require Western satellite infrastructure and technicians to operate them, and thus the barrier between Ukraine and their Western controllers is becoming non-existent. As one former Pentagon analyst and U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel said: “It’s shocking and it’s frightening. I think it’s already clear that the United States is fighting Russia via and in Ukraine. If it goes nuclear then the whole world becomes a legitimate target.”

Meanwhile the symptoms of a dying empire can be seen in the horror unfolding in Gaza, and the absurd, if enraging, response to it by the leaders of the so-called rules-based order. One day after Israel rolled its battle tanks into Rafah, the last “safe zone” for Palestinian civilians—literally crossing every supposed red-line laid out by the Biden Administration—President Biden announced a laughable “peace plan” which only guarantees to perpetuate conflict in the region. Not only does Biden’s plan leave no option for a Palestinian state, but it’s framed in the context that the region must unite against its alleged common enemy, Iran, in order to fight the next war!

Add to this the conviction against former President Trump this week, which has made it perfectly clear to Americans and citizens around the world just how the “democratic West” deals with its own opponents. Who would be lectured by such a pariah nation as this? What kind of danger would ensue with the world being “led” by such an irrational menace? After this trial that even anti-Trump experts admit was an unprecedented manipulation of legal jargon, America is only further from a legitimate democratic process and further from being able to deal with the current state of affairs in the world.

In contrast to this, a delightful discussion between former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and LaRouche Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in New York Diane Sare pointed to the way out of this situation. Ritter told a story about how he used to be invited to closed-door establishment clubs filled with musty, smelly old men with cigars, talking about how important they were. But something is changing in the country and beyond—and these clubs are now dying off! The world is seeing the dying off of all kinds of exclusive “clubs” of the old system, whether it’s the legacy media, the think tanks, academia, etc. And at the same time, new “clubs” are being born, such as the BRICS, with a genuine interest in the common good of their people—and that cannot be stopped.

“This is a righteous revolution and it’s working,” Ritter said. Sare needed 45,000 valid signatures from New York voters to get ballot status for her U.S. Senate campaign, and her volunteers collected 70,000. It’s worth working your butt off. The club morons can make it difficult, but they are becoming irrelevant.

Therefore, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has insisted, the West must decide to collaborate with such new “clubs” as the nations of the Global South, instead of clinging to their sinking ship. A new system—a new security and development architecture—must be created, and could be initiated by convening an international peace conference which begins from the intention to take the interests of every nation into consideration. That’s a much better option than global war.

So get off the sinking Titanic, and organize.


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