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EIR Daily News • Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Lead

A New Year, and a New Day, for Humanity

by Dennis Speed (EIRNS) — Jan. 02, 2024

Yesterday, in her New Year’s evaluation discussed with members of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, the international philosophical association founded by her husband Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp-LaRouche reminded the participants that 2023 had effectively demonstrated, particularly through the BRICS-Plus process, that “the age of colonialism for sure is ending, and a new world economic system is emerging in the form of the global majority, which is much larger than the BRICS-Plus.” There has come a time in history, when the billions who comprise what is increasingly known as the “Global Majority,” those which have historically not been able to assert financial or military power, can now assert their humanity as the driving force in history. Zepp-LaRouche pointed out that the so-called “elites,” the financial oligarchies of the world, don’t want to accept that reality, but there are good reasons to believe that this, the greatest transition in the last 600 years, and possibly the greatest in all of history, can be accomplished without the world being blown up in World War III.

The optimism of Zepp-LaRouche’s evaluation, however, also takes into account the changes in perspective that are increasingly expressed by various voices from Russia. It would be a mistake to view these statements as “hostile to the United States,” “hostile to Europe,” etc. That would be the reaction of the emotionally adolescent, such as the apparatchiks of the State Department. (Their view of music and its function, and therefore of culture, as expressed in their September 29 “Global Music Diplomacy Initiative,” reveals why Blinken, Sullivan, et al., are literally unable to hear the changes in outlook, intention, and policy-direction, not only from other nations, but from the population of the United States itself.) Though these may seem harsh judgments, they reflect a reality that must be addressed by responsible forces in the trans-Atlantic world.

Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin, in response to a soldier who queried him at a military hospital in Moscow, pointed out that Russia does not see Ukraine as the enemy, but rather sees those who have seduced Ukraine to its self-destruction, as the enemy. “The point is not that they [the ‘West’] help our enemy, but they are our enemy, they solve their issue with their [Ukraine’s] hands…. [T]here are people who sympathize with us, but there are so-called elites for whom the existence of Russia, at least in its current quality, in its current size, as they think, is unacceptable.”

Another view came from Fyodor Lukyanov, the research director of the Valdai Club. In his commentary for the New Year, Lukyanov said: “This year began with one fierce military confrontation of global significance and ends with two. And there is no guarantee that they will not continue until the end of 2024. The chain of conflicts, seemingly territorial but essentially existential (at least in the perception of those involved), may prove to be quite long…. [I]n almost all G7 countries the ratings of ruling parties/coalitions are now extremely low, i.e., governments represent the interests of a smaller part of the population. Alternative forces that challenge the current government are labelled as populist. This term (which, incidentally, comes from the word populus—"people") has become almost a swear word.… The idea is that the current elites do not need to be changed. As a result, the establishment now presents almost every vote as a battle for democracy. The implication is that democracy is the victory of the forces that maintain the ‘correct’ continuity. Accordingly, those who want to change course are declared enemies of democracy, even if they have a majority on their side.”

Nowhere is this “enemies of democracy” charade more clearly seen than in the “living theater” called “the 2024 American Presidential election.” The candidate with the greatest popular support in the race carries 91 indictments and several pending court cases around his neck. That candidate, Donald Trump, issued the following New Year’s Message. “As the New Year fast approaches, I would like to wish an early New Year’s salutation to crooked Joe Biden and his group of radical left misfits and thugs on their never-ending attempt to destroy our nation through lawfare, invasion and rigging elections.”

About “the elections,” the London Guardian reported, “A survey released on Monday [Jan. 1] showed that Trump leads Biden among Hispanic and young voters—a key demographic that helped him win the presidency four years ago.”

The USA Today and Suffolk University survey, condensed by the Guardian, found that Biden had 34% support among Hispanic voters surveyed, down from 65% in 2020, compared with Trump’s 39%. Biden’s support among Black voters had also declined, from 87% to 63%.” (Note that the Guardian does not give figures for Trump’s vote among this layer. Two months ago, in November, an NBC News poll indicated that if the election were held at that time, Donald Trump would win 20% of the African-American vote. The last Republican who got that percentage was Richard Nixon in 1960, for whom 32% of African-Americans voted.) And, “Among younger voters under 35, Trump leads Biden 37% to 33%, a spread that four years ago was 24 points in Biden’s favor.”

Instead, however, of viewing this shift from the bottom-up weeds of American electoral politics, consider another, still-evolving shift—what is happening in Israel to Bibi “Yahoo” Netanyahu. No one is falling for his announcement that “it’s gonna be a long war, maybe a year, and you need me at the helm.” The recent Israeli Supreme Court decision against his legal reforms, the truth about “who funded Hamas” and “who allowed Israel’s army to go missing on the border,” and the sheer disgust, worldwide and in Israel itself, about the King Herod-like slaughter of the innocents that is escalating, not abating, day by day, can lead to Netanyahu’s removal even in the short term.

At this moment, the moral authority of Nelson Mandela’s South Africa is being brought to bear, in its filing a suit against Israel at the International Court of Justice, essentially charging that nation with the commission of genocide in Gaza. This is momentous and historic: For the first time, a nation of the Global South, with high moral authority, is in a position to indict an ongoing crime against humanity, being committed, not by Israel, but by the Anglo-American military-financial complex that wishes to prevent China, Russia, and the BRICS-Plus nations of Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates from bringing stability and peace to the crossroads of the world. They wish to do so by degrading the people, history, and future existence of Israel, by deploying it as a hand grenade against that drive for stability and peace. It is a Satanic project, like the Satanic project in Ukraine, carried out at the behest of Satanic “majesties, principalities and powers,” that are conducting wars of extermination and depopulation. The Palestinian people, like the Ukrainian people, are the victims of what Bertrand Russell, referred to by economist Lyndon LaRouche as “the most evil man of the 20th century,” called “methods which are disgusting, even if they are necessary.”

But the French publication Le Parisien, in an article on Putin, said something that intelligent people have already understood, and others are still too frightened to face. Ukraine has been defeated; Russia has proven to be a resilient economy; Russia is now the head of the BRICS; and not only is Putin not isolated—on the contrary, he is on top of the world situation.

Long-time LaRouche associate and well-known French statesman Jacques Cheminade pointed out, in the course of yesterday’s deliberations, that if you look on the surface, the media narrative denies reality. French, European, and American politicians of various stripes also do the same. But there are increasing calls for seismic shifts in the policies and personnel of failed governments. Independent movements, both in Europe and America, sometimes of an electoral expression, sometimes not, though apparently minuscule, have, implicitly, the support of the majority of humanity to stop war, including total war; to end poverty; to eradicate pandemic disease and illiteracy; and to promote scientific discovery and invention; to build solidarity among the people, simultaneously, “everywhere in the world.”

Friedrich Schiller pointed out that humanity is “born for that which is better.” In the United States, the Independent United States Senate candidate Diane Sare will challenge Americans to be better, to take back their government, by using her campaign in the state of New York, as the lever for a nationwide “Presidential effect.” If, for example, other notable individuals, divested of illusions about being elected in this presently thoroughly corrupted and media-rigged environment, were to work with Sare and use the electoral arena to join forces and expose the military-financial complex, and its correlate surveillance-intelligence apparatus, centered in Wall Street and the two Senators from Wall Street, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, the world, the “Global Majority,” would respond. In this way, and only in this way, can knowable, durable survival be brought to the world—and that would truly be a New Year for humankind.


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